More notes from Honduras

Before it totally fades from memory, here are some more high points from Honduras:

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Pico Bonito

Last morning at the Pico Bonito lodge. We got up early this morning for the “early bird” walk. Our guide proceeded to whistle up a pigmy owl, cuckoos, tucans, mot-mots, and a variety of other awesome birds. When I say “whistle up,” I mean that we would walk into an area and he would whistle . . . → Read More: Pico Bonito

Pico Bonito

I write from the Pico Bonito lodge / nature reserve / insanely sweet little hotel. Continuing my numerological obsession – we’re in cabin “1”. Yep. Uno.

Woke up early this morning to stroll around Copan Ruinas. Got coffee and watched the women come out of their shops and slosh soapy / bleach water on the . . . → Read More: Pico Bonito

Copan Ruinas

Posting from Copan Ruinas, on our second day of the trip.

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