Of cats and painters

Morning. A crew of painters is walking around outside the house. Two humans (Chris and Jen) and two cats (Maia and Minnow) are watching from inside and preparing for work.

Chris: Who wants breakfast? Breakfast for cats!
Minnow: (excited circling)
Maia: (stony silence)
Chris: Maia, do you want breakfast?
Maia: (stony silence)
Minnow: MEW!
Chris: C’mon Maia, it’s breakfast time!
Maia: The men are here to kill us. On this, my last day, I shall fast.
Minnow: MEW! (gentle pawing at Chris’s knees)
Chris: (sets down two bowls of food)
Minnow: (eats a little from each bowl, and then shovels a bit of dry food and dirt into each of them)
Minnow: New friends! (begins following the painters around the house from inside the windows)

Later in the day, Maia is seen grudgingly eating.

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