2010 in review

Each year, I do a couple of these year-in-review posts. I find that they’re a good way to review where I’ve been and to try to guess where I might be going. Here is the first sentence from the first post of each month in 2010:


* 2004
* 2005
* 2006
* 2007
* 2008
* 2009

January: Welcome to the future, again.

February: We’re in the ‘Blanchard’ or ‘Terre Noir’ neighborhood, perhaps a mile north of Cite Soleil – in Port au Prince. The clinic building where we are working survived the earthquake in remarkably good shape. It’s in a walled compound that also contains a 1,000+ seat church and a small school. The school is basically a loss, and the church has a large crack from floor to ceiling on the two side walls. The tower that holds both the satellite dish and the water tank is badly damaged, but standing. We suspect that re-filling the water tank would push it over the edge.

March: Man, times were – I would post seriously every day and twice or three times on a good day. Now, I’m lucky to settle in and write something substantive once a week.

April: Okay, here’s sorta how my week has felt: (picture) You can guess that I’m *not* the lion in this picture. At least it’s Friday and I get to go home.

May: So, we’re boiling water for tooth brushing here. Apparently a 10 foot wide water pipe burst just west of town – and now we’ve got pond water (backup supply) coming out the pipes.

June: Indulged, this past weekend, in the now four year old tradition of renting a cabin in the woods with a dozen or so friends. The stated purpose of the weekend is to work on the arts and crafts projects that we push to the side on any particular day in our “real” lives. The subtitle might be “if we’re so successful, why don’t we live more like this?”

July: I spent last Sunday in Detroit. Now when I say “in Detroit,” I don’t mean “chillin’ with my rich friends in Ann Arbor,” nor do I even mean “hey, I’m from Bloomfield Hills!” I mean my grandfather’s house in Highland Park.

August: Okay, those of you who asked if I had run into scammers on EBay? I said, “no?” I would like to change my answer.

September: With the somewhat overhyped passage of hurricane Earl, the lawn got some much needed rain – but things are otherwise stable.

October: Jen and I just got back from Ohio, where we attended the wedding of C to E.

November: My law of idiot inclusion: Any sufficiently large group of people will include some truly awful idiots.

December: I contribute, from time to time, to Freethought Rhode Island, an atheist radio show.

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