Old tools

While I was installing my new car stereo, I had an experience that I thought was sort of cool.

First, context: It turns out that my car dashboard just pops right out. It’s got little plastic tabs that hold it in place, but if you use a “small pry tool,” (according to various websites) it’s simple to loosen. The tool looks sort of like a double-wide flat head screwdriver, with the tip of the bit smoothly bent to about 90 degrees.

While I’m disorganized about exactly where my stuff is at any given point, I do have a great feel for what stuff I own. I was pretty sure that I did not own one of these, and so I started looking for alternatives. Some websites recommended using a screwdriver, while others suggested a plastic putty knife. Both sorts are filled with comments on the order of “imbecile! The scratching! The ruining! Unprofessional HACK! Hire a professional, like MEEEEEE! Also: marketing).

Anyway, as I was weighing my options, I remembered that I had recently received my grandfather’s toolbox, and that it was sitting un-opened in the basement. Figuring, “hey, grandpa loved to work on cars,” I went down there and opened it up. On top of everything else, there was the exact tool I needed.

Thanks, grandpa.

I have declared this toolbox to be magical. When all seems bleakest, I will open it and find the exact tool I need, waiting for me.

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