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First off: Rogue Farm is a pretty awesome Sci Fi story.

redmed and I just got back from Ohio, where we attended the wedding of robotify to Emily (who, if she’s on LJ – I don’t know about it). It was a small wedding, perhaps 40 of us in her parent’s cabin on the shores of lake Erie. Her harp instructor played, and there were musical offerings from various folks with whom I used to sing. They shared a traditional handfasting which was really beautiful and moving. My cold, dark heart was heard to offer a muted “ker-thub.” Seriously. I wish them the same sort of happiness that and I have found.

The party was wild! Wild, as in “high winds directly off the lake threatening to take the tent away!” However, the tent pegs held, toasts were toasted, dances were danced, and yet another couple smoothly and without any fuss served an all vegetarian feast as if it were the most natural thing in the world. We even managed to sneak out prior to the groom being bodily dragged into the water by his drunken friends … which is as close to perfect timing as a guy could ask for.

I knew two of the kids there: L and J have produced a gorgeous little four year old A. R and K brought tiny M, who is just the cutest big-blue-eyed baby ever. Contrary to the rumors, I do love kids – especially when I love their parents.

We splurged on a taxi home – so now there’s time to catch up on email prior to going to bed. The calendar claims that I have 10 days until I get on a plane again. TEN DAYS OF FREEDOM.

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