We had corn on the cob with dinner tonight, and per usual pattern around here – I simply put a pat of butter on each plate rather than putting out a whole stick-o-butter on the table.

After dinner, while putting the plates in the dishwasher, one of those pats fell and stuck inside the door of the machine. At the time, I thought nothing of it. I thought “whatever, there are bigger issues here than a pat of butter INSIDE the dishwasher. At the time, I also thought very clearly about how little effort it would be to grab the butter and toss it in the trash or sink. Like, ZERO effort.

Later in the evening, I put away the dessert dishes and noted that the butter was still there.

Just now, I came downstairs, made one final evening pass, and loaded a couple more dishes. I saw the butter – and in full cognizance of how little effort I was avoiding, started wondering “can I be sure that if I run the washer with a piece of butter stuck to the door … can I be sure that it’ll wash out entirely? What if I wind up with some sort of butter-film on all my dishes? Perhaps there’s some setting on the washer that’ll ensure a butter free solution.” At this point I’m getting the soap, etc.

Finally, at the last possible minute, unable to solve the problem any other way, I invoked the zero effort solution and tossed the butter in the garbage disposal.

In other news, I designed a home lighting solution that requires one 20A line for each 4 square feet of illuminated area. I’m working on the details now.

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