Fall – just a blog post about me.

With the somewhat overhyped passage of hurricane Earl (AKA rev_e), the lawn got some much needed rain – but things are otherwise stable. The rain knocked some fraction of the pollon out of the air for a few brief hours, which is very nice. As I’ve aged, my ragweed allergy has matured into something wondrous to behold – leading me to think of this as the season of free hangovers.

Amazing to me that it took 35 years to figure out that this really, seriously, is just a ragweed allergy.

It’s fall, and another summer has passed by. Not really “passed” so much, and squeezed around and through my insane schedule. This summer was better than last – insofar as we weren’t buying a house and trying to move. I grew some porch tomatoes and made several batches of gazpacho … something sorely lacking last year. The majority of the CSA produce went either into our bellies or into the freezer … with minimal waste into the compost heap. We spent evening after evening laughing and cooking with friends.

On the other hand, while the summer has been good, overall, the year has been too hectic by far. tripit tells me that I’ve been on the road 87 nights out of approximately 250 so far this year. That’s way too high – and I can see the effects when I look at the piles of un-started projects in my office, the gray hairs, the lack of progress at judo, and so on. Some of that has been glorious and crazy adventures with redmed, technolope, and others … but most of it has just been grinding away at work.

So now I find myself looking at fall, and thence to winter. Wondering what the future holds. I would start on some of these projects – but we have houseguests for something like the third or fourth straight weekend – and I’m off on four more weeks of business travel starting on Tuesday.

Fortunately, I have cats to come and give me head-bumps when I sit and think too long without typing.


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