Year end wrap ups

I do a bunch of these most years. This is the first sentence, phrase, or paragraph from the first post of each month in 2009. Makes for a good way to go through a year’s posts. No wonder I’m tired!


* 2004
* 2005
* 2006
* 2007
* 2008

Jan: I’ve been disconnected from the net (by choice) for a couple of lovely days with family out in Virginia.

I return to see that Israel is actually invading and conquering Gaza.

Feb: Check these people out. Though, as the Buddhists say, you would be wise to “guard the gates of the senses” so as not to get any crazy on you. I do recommend clicking down into some of the stories if you have the time.

March: I notice that I haven’t been posting all that much lately. What can I say? February tends to emphasize to me that life is short … a short month full of short days … so I spent more time doing rather than documenting.

April: I spent my day waiting for a system crash.

May: Lightly edited for content and privacy, I present here a chat between and myself on the topic of her notional new charity. Also included is a discussion of whether “getting laid” must always have an integer coefficient – as opposed to the existence of both negative and imaginary lays.

While it was still funny this morning, please keep in mind that this was “beer up the nose” funny last night.

June: We bought a house. Our house rules. It has an awesome twisty curvy staircase and hardwood floors and a basement an an attic. It’s approximately three times the house we need and almost more house than we want. Today I mowed the lawn, like a good little domestic homeowner.

July: So I’m coming back from lunch yesterday, having dropped off the check for the shiny new gutters on the shiny new house. I reach the path from the street to my door and I see this bird clinging to the underside of said gutters. I had just enough time to think, “huh, he’s hanging upside down but he’s a little big for a nuthatch. Hey, is he a wood …”


August: I find that I’m tired of my last epistle about Merlot being at the top of my blog … but I don’t have much else to say.

September: Gorgeous morning on the early train here. I boarded around 5:20 at the station perhaps 10 minutes from my apartment. At 9:15 I’ll get off the train in Newark, NJ and rent a car for the day. A quick drive down to New Brunswick working for Rutgers, and then back on the 6:30pm train to get home around 10:30pm.

October: Another milestone, I’m brewing the first pot of coffee in the new house.

November: Here’s a new one: I missed the last train to Boston from Philly last night

December: I really can’t say enough good things about the visa outsourcing companies that help travelers get to places like India and China.

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