He always gets up

I got high praise at Judo today. A visiting judoka from our friendly neighbors to the north was working a particular throw. There was some discussion about whether said throw would work on someone taller than her – and it was suggested that she try it on me.

After a couple of tries (ow), she declared that it did indeed work on people taller than her.

A rejoinder was offered: “but is still on his feet.” (I had gotten back up after being thrown).

She replied something along the lines of “It’s . He always gets back up.”

So there you go – I may lack technique – I may not win – but at least I get back up when I fall.

P.s: Anyone who wants to make the sexual analogy with “getting up” is welcome to come to judo and see exactly how un-sexual this activity really is. By “getting up,” I do not mean “achieving viagra style sexual readiness.” I mean “standing up again after being thrown to the mat.”

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