Epic snit

Got my “Home CFO” hat on this morning, and I opened up a letter from redmeds employers. It was one page saying basically that they hadn’t received a response to their request for information about clinical privileges, and they were following up.

Then I got to the bottom, where they said:

If you do not intend to renew your clinical privileges, please email a resignation notice or, if you prefer, please complete the bottom portion of this page and fax it to ...

True to form, they included the world’s shortest “I resign my job” at the bottom of the page. Little line for “signature,” “date,” and “date of resignation.”

This struck me as some sort of pinnacle of bitchy administration. I mean, it takes some serious balls to send out a note with a post-script of “or if you would rather just resign your job, sign here.” This is doubly true given that redmed provides patient care. She’s billable. I would go so far as to say that if there were no medical providers working at the hospital, nobody else at the hospital would have paid jobs either. I.e: If the doctors follow through and resign – then the person who wrote this letter will shortly be out of work as well.

The people who sent this letter have a job, and that job is to do the administrative tasks necessary for redmed to do her job legally and (god forbid) efficiently. For them to send her a notification of paperwork-not-filed-in-a-timely-fashion that includes a pre-printed resignation letter … I mean … just wow. I’m not often left literally speechless.

Have you seen bitchier? Tell me about it.

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