Had a productive day at the house today. We:

* Removed all the flourescent light fixtures from the main floor
* Installed sliding locks on a couple of doors.
* Made a couple more doors actually open and close correctly.
* Took another layer of paint off the exterior door (obligatory stripper joke here)
* Measured and briefly scared ourselves that the refrigerator wouldn’t fit into the house … but it’s gonna be okay
* Removed the heinous pink sink (shaped like a seashell) from the upstairs bathroom
* Installed non-heinous light fixtures in the under-the-sink bathroom

And some other stuff too. At this point we’ve got a security system and the internet installed – and we’re getting appliances tomorrow. The hover-hive is coming online nicely.

Cancer cat had a rough day yesterday, which meant that when we got home from meeting there was blood all over the apartment. Ick. Took her to the vet, and once more decided to get some more food, subcutaneous fluids, and a pain patch and see what the week brings.

This evening involved watching Twilight. redmed has read all the books and I was feeling left out, so I downloaded it and we watched. I’ll say – not as bad as the worst movies I’ve ever seen. It actually had some redeeming virtues. Now, it’s not a vampire movie by any stretch of the imagination – but it was good clean fun. I dug the idea of vampire baseball.

Also, took a friend to judo on Saturday morning and was gratified that he didn’t just breeze through the workout. In fact, he whined about being sore the next day. Yeah, at first it hurts … but then you start to like it. Ain’t that always the case?

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