Plus Minus

Pro: The little Chinese restaurant on the corner has pretty flavorful vegetarian entrees – and they get substantially better if you chat with the cook and ask him to make it like he likes to eat it.

Con: More traffic noise than expected on my street.

Pro: Cancer cat is still alive, and even ate a bit of lunch!

Con: Cancer cat still has cancer – and the cancer is actually out over her jaw (poking between her lips) now. She’s going to cost us the security deposit on this apartment with all the blood she’s drooled … but I can’t see putting her down while she still asks to get up on my lap and purrs and purrs while I scratch her head. I mean, seriously. I can’t kill someone that loves to hang out with me.

Pro: I have internet at the house!

Con: I could have had internet a week ago if I was not a moron.

Pro: My 100TB file store is alive again! God dammit.

Con: It’s fallen over, hard, three times in three days. I recently discovered the “oopses_ok” argument to “mount,” which is not the default. If you do not specify this argument, then in the event of an “oops,” it crashes the kernel and brings your machine down. Me? I think that crashing the server should NOT be the default.

Pro: My judo is getting better.

Con: I took a pretty solid knee to the face today and I’ve got the beginnings of a solid shiner.

Pro: We’re participating in a fish CSA, which we’re splitting with and . Fresh locally caught fish!

Con: Today’s share was a single 5lb cod. and I each had our little cooler and our expectant, even eager expressions on our faces … and we’re like “ummmm, there’s only one fish there.”

Pro: This means that we have an excuse to get together for fish dinner once a week. Rock!

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