Been busy lately. Gonna be busy today and for the foreseeable future.

However, not too busy to geek out. A took a typing test that claims that I run around 72 words per minute at more than 95% accuracy. That was the 3 minute “tiger” test. Of course, my grandmother was faster than that on a manual typewriter, with perfect long manicured fingernails … so I can’t get too up on myself.

and I cut the moldy carpet out of the basement in the new house today. Box cutters, grubby clothes, and face masks. Underneath, of course, the concrete was damp. Ah, home ownership. Also, there was some kind of benefit at the local library where we got to meet some of our neighbors. I bought a copy of the Koran. Figured that since my King (Obama) quoted from it at length, I should probably read it.

Tomorrow, I’m working a judo tournament. Seems that I’ve showed competence, so I’m going to be setting up the entire competition floor. I’m a little sore today after the workout on Friday, where a Russian woman hit me with the floor, again and again.

Oh yeah, and my cat (Merlot) probably has jaw cancer. She’s in rough shape, but is still able to sit on my lap, purr, and knead my thigh – so things are stable.

And now – more socializing!

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