Many things are going on.

We bought a house. Our house rules. It has an awesome twisty curvy staircase and hardwood floors and a basement an an attic. It’s approximately three times the house we need and almost more house than we want. Today I mowed the lawn, like a good little domestic homeowner.

Tomorrow, our older cat Merlot goes in to have jaw surgery / a tooth removed. She’s got a nasty abscess that got “gore” all over redmed when she gave the cat her medicine this morning. I’m pretty worried about her (the cat). She’s lost weight and been listless and sleeping in odd places. Also, she’s usually pretty fastidious about keeping her fur neat – and she’s got some rattiness on her. To the vet with you.

Work is busy as all hell. We’re down a person, and we were ready to hire before he left – so now we’re slammed. I’m interviewing an average of one person per day – and the problem is that they’re all good. The question is not “who is qualified,” but “who do we want on the team first?” Life is tough, I know.

I think that bankruptcy is the best choice for failed businesses, and that if you have a better choice for the supreme court them you should name them. If your only objection is that “socialism sucks” or “I hate minorities,” you are welcome to shut up.

On the “shut up” theme, I have decided that Facebook’s “What ______ are you” quizzes are my mortal enemy. Die die die. At least, I want to be able to block them like I block every other application. They are not unique apps, they are instantiations of a common app. Die die die. Perhaps somebody cares what color pony princess you are, but not me. Dear facebook, I will happily pay $5 to not see this crap for a year. Hell, I will pay $10. Who can I pay to make this happen?

(I’m aware that begging to be allowed to pay websites to not suck has a simpler solution.)

Also, happy 9th anniversary redmed. It’s been an awesome 3^^2 years. Let’s shoot for another two powers of 3.

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