Pico Bonito

I write from the Pico Bonito lodge / nature reserve / insanely sweet little hotel. Continuing my numerological obsession – we’re in cabin “1”. Yep. Uno.

Woke up early this morning to stroll around Copan Ruinas. Got coffee and watched the women come out of their shops and slosh soapy / bleach water on the cobblestone streets. That’s a work ethic that my grandmother could get in touch with. How do you start the day? By washing the street in front of your shop.

After further coffee and breakfast, we toured the local museum of Mayan culture. The Mayan people were pretty hardcore. You know who else is hardcore? The archeologists who deciphered their glyphs with no related language whatsoever and just a bunch of stone carvings to go on.

3 kidney bruising hours in the van later, we were back at the airport, from which we took a puddle jumper turboprop to Sela, near the coast. I had a small mishap where I tipped the dude who carried our bags, rather than his boss. Oops. My bad. I refuse to feel too terrible about the manner in which I hand out my gratuities.

The place we’re staying the next two nights is The Lodge at Pico Bonito. It’s pretty sweet. We’re signed up to go canoing in the nature preserve tomorrow morning, starting at 6:30am … so for now it’s time to sleep!

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