Is it seriously almost May? Holy crap.

Just got back from a quick trip to New Jersey. On said trip, I … well … let’s just say it was work, a little stressful, it’s not quite done yet. You should see the other guy. I drove, so staple 10 hours in the car onto an otherwise full week. The high point was meeting up with for a quick pizza on the way down.

The second high point was Crank 2 (High Voltage). It’s a B movie – but it’s freakin’ genius. “What would happen if we turned every single knob on this movie up to 11?” Genius, I tell you. See it late at night, at least half in the bag, and woot and holler at the screen.

Tomorrow a friend is testing for his first degree (black belt) at the school in RI. I’ll be headed down for the traditional supportive hazing. After that, it’s on to socializing with the Skeptics club.

Um, I’m going to Honduras in a couple of weeks and buying a house at the beginning of June? Then my brother is getting married a week after that?



Lest there be any confusion, this review of Crank 2 is really pretty accurate. If you go in expecting anything other than “dumb action movie, turned up to 11,” well, don’t come whining to me that there were totally unnecessary boobs, violence, and unremitting silliness in there.

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