Weekend has been pretty good so far.

Started off with a massive technical win – which I’m still struggling to even describe without resorting to a whiteboard. I think that I did something pretty cool … so cool that I can’t even really explain it. Usually these things turn out to be simple. “So then I deleted that one damn semicolon, and everything worked perfectly!” This wasn’t one of those.

Following that was what might be called “romance fail.” I stopped off to pick up my very own “stimulus package:” A dozen roses and a bottle of plum wine. Get home to find redmed sound asleep. Figuring this was just a quick nap, I caught up on email – still snoring – watched some TV – still snoring – made a light dinner – checked pulse – and finally called it an evening. Around 10:30pm she woke up all like “what? Oooo. Flowers! Pretty!”

Yesterday I went back to judo for the first time in a month and got a private lesson for two hours from two black belts. That was pretty cool. Since my knee is still on light duty, I learned a lot of terminology and lot of stuff about arm and shoulder locks.

Last night, and S. came over for dinner. We got the apartment all cleaned up, and redmed made an awesome polenta. As usual, one bottle of wine turned into two, and we all sat around laughing until the wee hours.

Woke up this morning around 7 – oddly focused, and killed off two lingering tasks from the terrifying list of lingering tasks for work. Took a nice walk with redmed at the local park, and then visited the house we’re gonna buy. Yup, still looks good.

Finally, bottled the Bass Ale clone. 49 bottles. I was expecting 48, so I had to unexpectedly take one for the team (empty a bottle) right at the end. I may have to take another one here … the refrigerator seems pretty full … or something. Gonna be tasty. That brings me down to 6 gallons of Cabernet left to bottle. Sheesh – productive weekend.

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