I notice that I haven’t been posting all that much lately. What can I say? February tends to emphasize to me that life is short … a short month full of short days … so I spent more time doing rather than documenting.

Caught up at home this weekend, and it’s been really nice. I was in Texas two weeks ago, and Virginia last week. Got down to see my dad at the farm for a day, and then played with my petabyte scale storage. When I got off the plane in Boston around 9pm on Friday, I was greeting by a grinning car filled with redmed, technolope, and capital_l. The stated plan, unless I had a problem with it, was to go back to our apartment, drink wine, and play video games. We wound up sitting up until stupid:30 watching the fight scenes from several Jason Statham movies.

In the morning, it was off to breakfast for them, and off to Judo for me. I managed to work in with the Texas A&M judo team when I was there, and went back to Hybrid last week. Both places are great … but nothing beats the home dojo.

I also bottled 29 bottles of the 2008 white wine. This one came from a kit, and I think that I managed to get all the CO2 out of solution, by dint of a special adaptor on a power drill. Name suggestions for this vintage are solicited … though redmed requests that they be “positive,” since we’re trying to mitigate our tendency to rip on ourselves over here. The specific example is the 2007 “You’ll Just Screw it Up”. I’m considering “Yes We Can” and “Upper Middle Class, White”. Early reports indicate that it’s quite good, and needs some time to sit in the bottle.

The day proceeded, and wound up at the bar with simianpower, Len, and the wondertwins from Friday.

Today was consumed with laundry, bills, listening to old-school Kid Rock and Emminem, and bottling 50 bottles of American Ale. Yes, indeedy, we’re preparing for art weekend. You ready, ect?

Now: Back to finishing my letter to Dr. Dobson, of Focus on the Family. I listened to one of his shows and God Damn if I don’t have the urge to write the man a letter!

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