2006 – a year in review

Here’s the first sentence from my first post of each month this year.

Jan 1, 2:10am: “Help…”
Feb 1, 1:10am: “Good times watching the state of the union address.”
Mar 1, 3:59pm: “** bleary ** Is it the weekend yet?”
Apr 1, 7:51am: “I was watering the seedlings this morning when Jen called out to me from the dining room.” she had seen the first goldfinch of the year
May 2, 8:11pm: “Been a while since I talked about karate.”
June 1, 4:51pm: “We took our “stroll” to see some of the friends of the guest house today” while in Haiti…
July 1, 4:32am: “On the train, back from Boston.” actually written on the train around 12:30pm, after that long and crazy night at Jake Ivory’s
August 1, 9:08pm: “The Hurricane Hunters found much stronger winds than expected in Chris this afternoon.”
September 1, 8:32am: “On the left side of this page is the most creative music video I’ve seen in ages”
October 1, 10:11am: “I plan to do this today, in the small, with my work environment. “Trash bag cleanup” might be a better term. I’m sick of mess.”
November 1, 9:49am: “I appear to be wracked by the same disease that’s afflicting everyone else in the country.”
December 1, 6:24pm: “The Kurzweil trifecta is complete. I have now shaken his hand and directly asked him a question.”

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